Your cat(s) will have their own, fully heated and insulated comfortable chalet. We have accommodation suitable for our customers with 2 or more cats so that your pets may enjoy continued companionship.

The sleeping areas are lined with an easy clean material which enables us to maintain meticulous standards of hygiene. Vet Bed bedding is provided for additional comfort, you may bring your own if you wish.

Each chalet has it’s own undercover outdoor exercise area which overlooks our garden, wildlife pond and chicken run. There is plenty to keep your feline friend entertained.


At Aristocats & Allsorts we feed all pets on the highest quality brand of food. We will of course feed what you usually feed at home if required.

All special Veterinary/Diet feeds must be provided.

Please advise us of any special needs.

Your cat is assured a pleasant stay at Aristocats & Allsorts.